UK Weather: Met Office Issues Severe Weather Warnings As Hurricane Helene Creeps Closer

Sara C Nelson
A NOAA satellite image showing Hurricanes Florence, Isaac and Helene, which is due to hit the UK on Monday night or Tuesday morning 

Forecasters at the Met Office have issued severe weather alerts as Hurricane Helene creeps closer to the UK.

The weather front is one of a glut of tropical storms in the Atlantic, with Florence sparking mass evacuations as she heads towards landfall in the US states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Severe gales are expected in the UK, moving from the south west to the north west. The tip of Ireland will also be affected, as will a section of Wales and the Cornish peninsular.

Helene is due to hit the UK by Monday night or Tuesday morning, but is due to be short-lived. The alerts – which warn of injuries and danger to life from flying debris – are in force from 6pm on Monday until 12 noon on Tuesday. 

At her most fierce, wind speeds of up to 85mph were being recorded south west of the Azores in the Atlantic. By Monday she is expected to be downgraded to a storm. 

Temperatures could be very warm in the south east next week due to a blast of tropical air being brought up in association with the storm.

London could see the mercury reach between 25-27C on Tuesday – considerably warmer than the average maximum temperature for this time of year, which is around 17C.

The warm temperatures are set to continue until the later part of September.