UK weather: Temperatures plummet to -7C as fog descends across parts of country

Kate Ng

A sharp frost covered most of the UK as temperatures plummeted below zero and Northern Ireland faced its coldest night of winter so far.

Temperatures fell to -5.9C in Katesbridge, Northern Ireland, but dipped even further to -6.8C in Topcliffe, North Yorkshire.

Benson, Oxfordshire, experienced the second lowest temperature in England and Wales at a chily -6.2C.

A yellow weather warning for fog was put in place until 1pm on Sunday for Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent and Birmingham and surrounding areas, but the Met Office said fog patches could persist throughout the day in the west.

Many places will have dry and sunny weather on the rest of Sunday, with the odd shower near southeastern English coasts.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill told The Independent cold nights will persist over the next few days thanks to a high pressure weather system.

Frost and fog is expected to form in southern areas under clear skies, but there will be some cloud and spells of rain in northwestern parts of the UK.

A cold weather alert issued by Public Health England on Friday will remain in place until 6pm on Tuesday, with the organisation urging people to “prepare for cold weather conditions and look out for those most at-risk”.

Nick Silkstone, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It will be colder than of late with temperatures dropping below freezing overnight and a chance of widespread frost but with sunny spells throughout the day.

“However, at the start of next week the chance of fog and cloud will increase across central and southern areas, which will mean that it will also feel colder by day.”