UK woman decorates windows with stunning winter snow scene painted completely freehand

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A creative woman has decorated her windows with a stunning winter snow scene - painted completely freehand. 

Sarah Ratcliffe, 42, tried her hand at some DIY Christmas decorating in her living room - and ended up with impressive results.

The mum-of-two painted the entire design freehand after buying a bag of white acrylic paint for less than a tenner. 

Her designs feature dozens of snow-covered trees, a cosy snow-topped cottage and even a highland cow. 

Sarah, from Anston, Sheffield, said she spent a couple of hours on it each day for three days in late November in a bid to create a pretty background for further Christmas decorations to put on the windowsill. 

She said: "I have an eye for design - you just had to think about where the light and shadows fall. 

"I bought a big bag of white acrylic paint and only used about a third of it. 

"I hadn't used acrylic before so it took me a while to get used to it - you can actually see I get a bit better as you move along the windows. 

"We're quite big fans of Christmas decorations in this house - I guess in winter there is not a lot else to pass the time. 

"I'm not much of an artist but it wasn't too difficult!"  

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