UK Woman Mistakes Squirrel's Backside for Koala's Face

An avid nature watcher in Uckfield, United Kingdom, took out her phone to record what she thought was an astonishing appearance by a small koala in her bird feeder, only to realize it was the rear end of a squirrel.

Footage by Peta Parke-Gailey that was posted on February 14 shows a squirrel next to a marsupial look-alike. Soon, however, the animal turns around and reveals its identity.

“I was rather surprised to glance up at my birdhouse feeder one day and see what looked for all the world like a small koala sitting in it next to a squirrel,” Parke-Gailey told Storyful of the initial sighting. However, after starting recording, she realized what she originally “thought was a marsupial’s nose was actually another squirrel’s rear end.” Credit: Peta Parke-Gailey via Storyful

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