UK woman's flat is so damp her clothes and handbags are covered in MOULD

Gemma Wakefield, 24, claims she's suffered chest infections and wheezy coughs due to damp issues at the apartment.

She moved into the one-bedroom maisonette in Kempsey, Worcs., in March last year.

Weeks later Gemma, who runs a dog grooming business, noticed pools of condensation forming on her windowsills every morning.

As the months got colder, the property, which costs £500-a-month to rent, became covered in ugly black mould spots.

Spores developed on all the windowsills and walls in every one of the five rooms of the property.

The problem got so bad, Gemma’s clothes and even her leather handbag became covered in mould.

Gemma said: “The spores are all over the windows and round the edges of front door.

“The worst of it is on the wall in the lounge behind the sofa and it’s starting to get bad on the walls near my bed.

“Since moving into this house my asthma got really bad and I was close to having a couple of attacks.

“Now I am back on inhalers, and I always have a tight chest and I’m wheezy which is odd for me because I haven’t been like this for so long.