Ukraine ‘arrests Russian informants who helped guide missile attacks in Dnipro’

Ukraine ‘arrests Russian informants who helped guide missile attacks in Dnipro’

Ukraine has reportedly arrested seven informants who aided Russian missile attacks on the city of Dnipro.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said it exposed a network of people who helped facilitate attacks in the region including a strike on an apartment block that killed at least 46 people last week.

Footage released online shows masked officers bursting into a building and pushing a man to the ground. Several other people were arrested during the operation, the SBU said.

The suspects were allegedly recruited by a former resident of Dnipro who fled to Russia and began working for its GRU military intelligence service, according to The Times.

They’ve all been charged with treason and face accusations of using online messages to provide co-ordinates for Russian strikes on critical infrastructure in the city.

The suspects are also accused of providing Russia with data on the location and movements of Ukrainian army units and missile defence systems.

Their ringleader created a pro- Kremlin organisation in 2014 that campaigned for a “southeast Ukrainian republic” under Moscow’s control, the SBU said.

“The Ukrainian nation will not forgive such crimes,” Vasyl Malyuk, head of the SBU, said.

He added that "information about the possible involvement" of the seven suspects in the apartment block attack in Dnipro "is being checked".

Russia carried out two mass rocket strikes on Ukraine last Saturday, devastating an apartment block in the south-central city of Dnipro, where at least 46 people died and scores were injured.

Ukrainian authorities said the target was energy infrastructure, a continuation of Russia’s strategy to leave the country without power.