Ukraine ceasefire, US House chaos, China covid, UK strikes and Brexit

Vladimir Putin unilaterally declared a truce for January 6, through January 7, to mark the Orthodox Christmas. However, rumors from the battelfield in Ukraine indicate that shelling has continued regardless as Russian forces struck the town of Kramatorsk twice.

Kevin McCarthy was a firm favourite to be voted in as Speaker of the House of Representatives. But a far right caucus of 20 has stymied the plan not once, not twice, but 14 times. In the mean time Congress is unable to work. President Biden calls it an "embarrassment" and "not a good look" for the Republicans.

Images of hospitals in Shanghai sent shock waves across the world, and reminded people of the start of the pandemic in Wuhan in 2019. This increase in cases now is linked to the relaxation of China's zero Covid policy which saw people forced to isolate en masse at the first sign of a case in their locality.

The UK is in the grip of strikes across multiple sectors. Train drivers notably have continued this week their stoppage that began before Christmas. But many sectors are downing tools over the cost of living crisis.

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