Ukrainian folk song sung as national tree planted in Glasgow park to show solidarity

Philip Braat Lord Provost with Yevgen Gorash of the Ukrainian Association
Philip Braat Lord Provost with Yevgen Gorash of the Ukrainian Association

The national tree of Ukraine has been planted in a Glasgow park to show solidarity and support with the country as it defends itself from the Russian invasion.

Lord Provost, Philip Braat, performed the planting ceremony in Victoria Park, with Ukrainian people and local residents present.

A Ukrainian folk song was sung after the tree was planted.

This ceremony was organised by Victoria Park Community Trust as it launched the Victoria Park Wildlife and Biodiversity Garden.

The garden is intended to improve wildlife in the park bringing a forgotten area of back to life.

Mr Braat planted the Kalyna (Ukrainian: Калина) known as the Guelder Rose in English.

The Lord Provost said: “Two weeks ago Ukraine was invaded by an aggressor. It is not a special operation, it is an invasion of a sovereign country.

“This is not only a beautiful tree but it has special significance for Ukrainian people here in Glasgow, it is the national tree of Ukraine.

“We all send our solidarity with friends from Ukraine and those in Ukraine and their families.”

Yevgen Gorash , vice chair of the Association of Ukrainians Great Britain, in Glasgow, thanked people in Glasgow for the support they have shown.

He said: “Two weeks ago we woke to a new reality. It is hard to believe what happened in our homeland.

“We appreciate the support we have received from everyone in the last month.

“This is the traditional plant of Ukraine. It has the same meaning as the thistle in Scotland or the rose in England. It is part of our folklore and traditions and is present in everyday life.

“it has bright red berries which symbolises the blood of Ukrainian defenders of fallen warriors who died for Ukraine for centuries.

"It is for the sacrifice of the people dying today for freedom and independence.

“We continue to struggle, it is not over yet. It will only be over when we defeat the evil empire. The war continues and the fight for independence continues. With the support of people around the world we will win.”

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The folk song was sung by Oksana Mavrodii as around 75 people turned up for the planting ceremony.