Ukraine’s prosecutor: 'We’ve collected evidence that Wagner has committed war crimes'

The prosecutor general of Ukraine, Andriy Kostin, told FRANCE 24 that he had identified and collected evidences of war crimes committed by the leader of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

He hopes, "at some stage, to capture him and make him liable in the Ukrainian courts".

Andriy Kostin says Kyiv registered 68,000 incidents of such horrific crimes committed by Russia, and he believes their "massive scale could lead to a level of crimes against humanity".

Speaking from the Ukrainian capital, the prosecutor general described to FRANCE 24 the mass crimes committed in the Kyiv region in April 2022. He told us of intentional killings of civilians, indiscriminate shelling of residential buildings, torture and even sexual violence. He added that when Ukrainian forces liberated the Kharkiv region last September and the Kherson region in November, they have found the same type of crimes.

"This pattern of conduct obeys to a deliberate policy instigated by the highest military and political of the Russian Federation" he added.

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