Ukraine visa scheme is ‘shambolic’ says engineer after his family flee to UK

Interview with Anton Ievsiushkin and his twin sister Anastasiia and her baby. A Ukrainian engineer who has helped dozens of refugees get to the UK after his own close family made it out of under-fire Mariupol and Kharkiv says the system remains “shambolic” and is getting worse. Anton Ievsiushkin, 38, contrasted the “amazing” help his sister, niece, mother and grandmother have had from the British public with the failing bureaucracy he says had been put in their way by a Government which he believes wants to discourage refugees from applying. Mr Ievsiushkin, from Sheffield, began helping families settle in the UK after his twin sister Anastasiia and her now five-month-old daughter fled from Mariupol as Russians bombarded the devastated city in March. He and his sister told the PA news agency how she grabbed a few possessions and moved closer to the centre of the Azov Sea port, staying in a tiny cellar for a fortnight as the whole population was trapped. Anastasiia and her baby eventually made a run for it on March 16 as fears rose that they would run out of food.

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