Ukraine: 'We'd take a nuclear attack over being a part of Russia'

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It's now almost six months to the day since Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to the United Nations, the conflict has displaced at least 12 million Ukrainians while huge parts of the east and the south of the country lie devastated.

But according to frontline volunteer, Seva, he along with many of his countrymen and women remain committed to the war - even if it means paying the ultimate cost.

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Speaking as part of a special edition of Sky News' Ukraine War Diaries podcast, to mark six months since the beginning of the war, Seva explains.

"Everyone is tired of war, but [on the] other hand, I'd say 99.9% of Ukrainians do understand that no peaceful negotiation with such a country as Russia is possible. It's just war, war 'til the end.

"I was talking to many people and they [said], 'we don't want to live in occupied territories, we don't want to live in new so-called Russia'."

Seva says that many he speaks to don't want to live in "new, so-called Russia".

"If you are talking about even nuclear attacks many people say, 'we don't care. Let then bomb us. Let them kill us but we don't want to be Russians.'

"So, maybe [they are] emotional words, but on other hand, I also don't want to be anyone else except Ukrainian. I want to live in Ukraine, not in [a] province of [the] Russian empire."

Seva, along with his wife Oksana and IT specialist Ilyas, have been making audio diaries of their experiences in a nation at war since the Russian invasion.

In the latest instalment of Ukraine War Diaries each is posed the same question - what now?

"Everything has changed," answers Seva. "There are no long-terms plans anymore for our life.

"All we can plan is for is maybe one week in advance because we don't know what will happen, tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow."

"All money we spend, together with my wife, is to support our army, to support the guys who we know... it's the main purpose of still working."

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