'Putin is a global problem,’ Ukraine's foreign minister tells FRANCE 24

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expressed confidence that Ukraine would win the war against the invading force of Russia, in an interview with FRANCE 24. Speaking in Brussels a few days ahead of the first anniversary of Russia's invasion, the top Ukrainian diplomat explained why he thinks President Vladimir Putin represents a global threat for the international community, saying that the Russian president's strategy was "destruction and undermining stability". Kuleba added, "No one is interested in having a UN Security Council member and a nuclear power messing up the world."

Kuleba criticised those in the West raising concerns that the Russians are gaining the upper hand on the battlefield.

He said that Ukraine needs "weapons, sanctions, money and solidarity", urging each country to choose how to show solidarity.

Kuleba argued that the process to deliver combat tanks to Ukraine was "on track" and that it was only a matter of "weeks" until they are delivered. With regard to fighter jets, he claimed he had "no doubt" that they would also be supplied.

According to Kuleba, Putin means trouble not only for Ukraine, but for the world. He cited the Balkans, the Central African Republic and Syria as places where Putin was implementing his strategy, namely "destruction and undermining stability".

Asked about calls by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz not to humiliate Putin and keep channels open with him, Kuleba replied that he had not heard that "for many months".

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