Ukrainian forces can ‘see off’ Putin’s troops in the Donbas, says UK

Ukrainian forces can “see off” Vladimir Putin troops launching key battles in the Donbas, Britain’s armed forces minister said on Tuesday.James Heappey stressed that defeat the Ukrainian military units in the east of the country would be an “extraordinarily difficult nut for the Russians to crack” given that they were so well dug-in, well-trained and well-equipped.He told Sky News: “I think that what we will see in the Donbas is a very different type of conflict to the one that we saw around Kyiv.“I think we will see a conflict between two forces that are much more evenly balanced - where the Ukrainians have the advantage of defensive positions that have been dug in and prepared over the last eight years and that is going to make it an extraordinarily difficult nut for the Russians to crack.

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