Ukrainian man shows Russian destruction at Karazin University's sports complex in Kharkiv

A Ukrainian man gives a tour of the damage done to Karazin University's sports complex in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. The building was targeted by two Russian air bombs and has been reduced to rubble. The man's name is Yurii Kochubei. He is a resident of Kharkiv. There, shelling has been very intense. Human Rights Watch has reported that Russian forces fired cluster munitions into at least three residential areas of the city. Translation of the dialogues follows: - "Kochubiy Uriy Igorevich, 1988. We are currently in Kharkiv. About half an hour ago, there was an airstrike by Russian planes, most likely it was Su 25. They have been flying above for three days, damaging our non militarily infrastructure, schools, hospitals. We are at the gym now. What's its name?" - "It's called Unifeht. It is Karazina's university gym" - It's a fencing hall. Look what's left, it can't be fixed now. It's a problem, one less building in the city. There is a possibility of non exploded rockets, because they often use cluster bombs which are banned by all international conventions. Look what's left after a direct blast. You can see a huge crater. A piece of the main wall was torn up from the building and thrown 20 meters back. That's what we see, that's 'Russian peace'. I'm begging Russian citizens: we are not fighting against Russia, we are fighting against the Russian government, against Putin. That is what's happening in Kharkiv. We are here on March 5, it's about 1:30 pm. It's Kochubiy Uriy, 1988, Kharkiv. This is a full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine's sovereign state. I'm not hesitating that's World War 3. Thank you".