Ukrainian soldier builds adorable cat flap checkpoint for his rescued cats

A Ukrainian soldier named Oleksandr Valeryovich Liashuk has built a cute cat flap checkpoint for his rescued pets to come in and out of the military base's kitchen. 25-year-old Oleksandr and his team found the stray cats near Dobrovelychkivka, Ukraine, where they are based, and decided to adopt them. Despite them being adored by the whole team, Oleksandr is their main point of reference. "They don't have an owner, but I care about them more than anyone. They live with us. When it is warm, they sleep in the kitchen, but when it is cold, they come to our shelters and sleep on our beds", he said. It took the Ukrainian soldier two days to build the cat flap checkpoint. "When I was a kid, I watched a lot of American movies showing cat doors in private homes. I decided to do the same for our cats. I started in the evening and finished the next day. In this way, they can come in and out whenever they want. We feed them in the kitchen", Oleksandr explains. The footage shows the man carefully measuring the cats with tape and a ruler to make the perfect door entrance for them. He also writes "cat checkpoint" outside it when the structure is ready. "When we picked them up from the street, they were small and very thin cats. After two months of living with us, they became chubby and cheeky, so it was important to measure their height and width so they could fit through the door". Oleksandr joined the Ukrainian army as a volunteer on February 27. "Seeing this whole situation, I couldn't stand back. I went to the military station and signed up as a volunteer because I couldn't stand this injustice", he wrote in a post on his Instagram page. Having cats around is therapeutic for Oleksandr and the others. "I feel good when these kitties are with me. They cheer me up, and we adore them". The Ukrainian soldier filmed the footage between November 8 and November 9, 2022.