Ukrainian soldiers hold firm despite fears of intensified fighting

As the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches, Kyiv's forces near the Kupiansk area are remaining optimistic, despite enemy attempts to break through their lines.

One member of the 92nd brigade, known as "Koshmar," said he was not worried because the Russians worked "chaotically".

They (Russian forces) try to advance every day," he says. "They throw a lot of shells of 120 calibres, from a tank. But they work chaotically, that is. We have no losses, we repel their attacks more precisely."

Meanwhile, in the Bakhmut region of Eastern Ukraine, another unit is resisting Moscow's forces, despite the freezing temperatures.

With the anniversary coming up, many expect a renewed onslaught from the former Soviet Union. However, for "Virus" and his "Witcher" unit, which have been deployed in the hotly contested region of Donetsk, Russian attacks have never abated in the past twelve months.

Along the frontline, especially in the city of Bakhmout, Russian forces have put Ukrainian troops under constant pressure, he says. But the Ukrainian line is holding firm, and its soldiers are ready should the conflict escalate.

"If you ask me, the situation hasn't changed for our unit," he confides. "Some people are talking about a new offensive, but the Russians are attacking every day," he said.