Ukrainians Describe Weeks Trapped in Basement, Watching Neighbors Die

Residents of the town of Yahidne, south of Chernihiv, recounted to Ukrainian Witness how hundreds of people were kept for weeks in squalid, cramped conditions inside the basement of school during Russia’s occupation of the area.

In video published posted April 18, one local said he spent 26 days in the basement along with about 380 other people, crammed into several rooms, with little food or water. He told the channel that the largest room held some 138 people, while others were crowded in small areas.

At least seven people were killed by Russian forces and a further 10 died while sheltering under the school, locals said.

“There were 13 people in the cellar where I was, or more,” said an older man, according to a translation provided alongside the video. “Some people of my age died. And a few of the younger ones died too. Just died,” he said. Credit: Ukrainian Witness via Storyful

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