UK's oldest man celebrates 109th birthday - and says he is used to Her Majesty's annual well wishes

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As the oldest man in the UK celebrates his 109th birthday, he said he is very used to Her Majesty's annual well wishes.

John Tinniswood, who has become the oldest man in the UK, said he greatly respects the Queen but has now received nine birthday cards from the monarch.

Although his record-setting age has excited his fellow residents and the media, Mr Tinniswood takes a more practical view of the ageing process.

"Just like the wind and the rain: it happens," he said.

His advice to others who would wish to reach such a grand old age is simple: "One word... moderation. Don't eat too much. Don't drink too much. Try and keep yourself fit."

He is celebrating with a party at his care home in Southport.

Mr Tinniswood has always loved walking. Although he's no longer as mobile as he was in his younger days when he was part of a rambling society, he enjoys trips around his care home's rooms with his shopping trolley.

He said: "Swinging your legs about is good exercise. Each day, swinging the left foot and the right."

The staff and residents dance and sing to some of Mr Tinniswood's most loved tunes - his favourite singer is Frank Sinatra, but the number that gets the biggest reaction from the crowd is You'll Never Walk Alone. Mr Tinniswood was born in Liverpool and has been a lifelong fan of the Reds.

His happiest memories are his wedding day and the first day of going to school.

Born the same year the Titanic sank, Mr Tinniswood has seen great changes in society and technology.

"Electricity is the thing that actually changed everything, changed people's lives, as well as the introduction of radio," he said.

Mr Tinniswood still loves listening to the radio and watching the news and the manager at his care home said he keeps them all up to date on current affairs.

"He's just such a lovely person, such a gentle man and very humble," said Helen Eslick who runs The Hollies.

"The residents love him. They have a little gossip and a little chat and he joins in the entertainment."

Mr Tinniswood worked in accounts for the oil and gas company Shell but, he points out, he has been retired now for longer than he was in work.

He's lived through two world wars and seen the world change, but Mr Tinniswood said he's always taken life in his stride.

And, despite being the oldest man in the country, he still loves a good party.


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