Ulrika Jonsson reveals 'lonely' marriage to third husband: 'We were lost'

Ulrika Jonsson, 52, was out to find love in last night's celebrity edition of First Dates Hotel where viewers saw her open up about her recent marriage split.

The former Gladiators host spoke about the breakdown of her marriage to third husband Brian Monet, candidly discussing the loneliness she felt as the two of them became "lost in obligations".

She explained: "We made a great team for parenting, but I definitely think we were lost in the children and dogs and obligations.

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"When I finally opened up to one friend about my marriage breaking down, she said to me, ‘Oh Ulrika, you must have been so lonely.’

Ulrika Jonsson opened up on 'First Dates Hotel'. (Channel 4)

"It had never occurred to me that I was lonely because I was never alone.

“I’m never alone, there’s children, dogs, you know. But being lonely is a different thing,” she added.

On the Channel 4 programme, which aired in aid of Stand Up 2 Cancer, the ex-weathergirl was partnered up with 48-year-old Paul.

Ulrika Jonsson and Brian Monet attends the 5th anniversary performance of 'War Horse' at The New London Theatre, Drury Lane on October 25, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

Jonsson explained she was looking for laughs, as she joked the last time she had a good chuckle was "probably about 2005".

The pair appeared to hit it off on their date as Jonsson explained she could "feel some abdominal muscles aching" due to laughing so much.

Ulrika Jonsson was partnered up with Paul on 'First Dates Hotel'. (Channel 4)

There was more good news as the show signed off with last update as the screen read: "After hitting it off in Italy, Ulrika and Paul returned home where the laughs keep coming."

Jonsson appeared on Loose Women last week to open up about her relationship where she explained she feared she'd never be intimate again amid her and Monet's marriage troubles.

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