Ulrika Jonsson slams Love Island men for 'misogyny'

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Ulrika Jonsson slams Love Island men for 'misogyny' credit:Bang Showbiz
Ulrika Jonsson slams Love Island men for 'misogyny' credit:Bang Showbiz

Ulrika Jonsson has slammed the 'Love Island' men for "misogyny and sexist behaviour".

The 54-year-old presenter his hit out at this year's show, claiming it has "turned itself into the biggest vehicle for seriously toxic masculinity".

Writing in her Sun newspaper column, she said: "Putting aside the tribal overtones among the men — the pack mentality, the back-slapping and chest-beating — it’s their sense of ownership of the women that might seem subtle and could go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

"Davide clicking his fingers when talking about how he could get Ekin-Su back, 'just like that'. Luca blaming Gemma when Billy flirted with her. Dami saying Indiyah is 'my girl'. And who could forget the preposterous suggestion made by Jacques that the only way of testing if a relationship is any good is by trying it on with someone else?

"The girls were treated much harsher for their actions during Casa Amor than the men judged themselves. Tasha and Ekin-Su being more or less painted as harlots for doing next to nothing when their other halves were snogging away like it was going out of fashion. These double standards are so outdated.

"Misogyny and casual sexism have cast long, dark shadows over this series and the men themselves don’t appear to see it.

"You could argue that the producers should intervene, but we don’t want men to constantly have to be told what is acceptable and not.

"We want them to know. And they really should by now."

However, Ulrika praised the women for "showing some strength, resilience and resistance" despite "gaslighting" from the men.

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