Unbelievable: More than 40 Star Trek actors (and Snoop Dogg) appear in new spoof film

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Paramount Domestic Television
Paramount Domestic Television

More than 40 Star Trek cast members have united for a new parody film.

Directed by Steven L Fawcette, the film – titled Unbelievable!!!! – follows the exploits of four astronauts who journey to the moon to find two missing Space Agency colleagues.

What starts as a rescue mission, however, turns into an attempt to save the world from Plant Aliens (yes, really).

Fawcette has assembled numerous lead actors and guest stars who have previously appeared in various Star Trek films and television shows.

Also appearing in the film will be Michael Madsen, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and rapper Snoop Dogg.

The film was made in 2016, but has only now been picked up for distribution by Indie Rights.

Its official Facebook page wrote: “As promised, we said we would let you all know when UNBELIEVABLE!!!! would be coming out, and no, it’s not 2034. Thank you for hanging in there with us.”

Find a full list of Star Trek actors who will show up in the spoof film below – a release date is yet to be announced.

Chase Masterson

Garrett Wang

Tim Russ

Nichelle Nichols

Kirk is a puppet in new ‘Star Trek’ parody film ‘Unbelievable!!!!’ (Indie Rights)
Kirk is a puppet in new ‘Star Trek’ parody film ‘Unbelievable!!!!’ (Indie Rights)

Robert Picardo

Linda Park

Manu Intiraymi

Armin Shimerman

Vaughn Armstrong

Gary Graham

Anthony Montgomery

Marina Sirtis

Nana Visitor

Walter Koenig

Michael Dorn

Julie Warner

Dina Meyer

Olivia d’Abo

Jeffrey Combs

John Billingsley

Max Grodenchik

Casey Biggs

Gary Lockwood

Michael Forest

Jack Donner

Connor Trinneer

Dominic Keating

Brenda Bakke

Patti Yasutake

Steve Rankin

Michael Dante

Sean Kenney

BarBara Luna

Beverly Washburn

Celeste Yarnall

Bobby Clark

Jasmine Anthony

Menina Fortunato

McKenzie Westmore

Crystal Allen

Christopher Doohan

Original Star Trek composer Gerald Fried

Original Star Trek harmonica player Tommy Morgan

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