Underwear-Clad Michigan Man Braves the Snow, Appeals to Others to 'Get on My Level'

Using a snowblower to clear your driveway after a flurry of fresh snow is always a chilly task. However, James Campbell of Southfield, Michigan, approaches the job seemingly without a care given to temperatures – or the eyes of his neighbors.

In a video shared to Twitter on February 28, Campbell showed himself using a snowblower while clad only in headband, sunglasses and underwear emblazoned with the American flag.

In an extended version of the video (originally posted to YouTube on January 20), Campbell calls on other “man thong enthusiasts” to “get on my level” and try using a snowblower with a similar amount of clothing.

At one point, Campbell even faces the snowblower head-on, which seems only to increase his level of enjoyment in the task. Credit: James Campbell via Storyful