Unequal treatment for mental health in the NHS

Dr Eddie Morris (Letters, 2 October) is correct to say the Tories have presided over health inequality, but so too have Labour and senior people within the NHS since its conception. Even today, only 14% of the health service budget is allocated to mental health.

This is due to a mix of underfunding, most money being spent making people live longer as opposed to levelling up life expectancy across the country, and by too many senior staff still believing that physical health is more important.

As someone who has worked in the NHS, I was dismayed to be told that, because I had bipolar disorder (albeit managed for years), the neurologist wouldn’t see me for something that eventually turned out to be cauda equina syndrome.

Having managed mental health services in the past, I know that this is sadly an all too frequent experience for patients with mental health issues.

So by all means blame politicians, but also acknowledge the organisation’s self-inflicted, shortsighted failings.
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