Unhinged London sublet listing written from cat's perspective asks for £1,000 to sleep in the living room

Renting in London is becoming increasingly more expensive
-Credit: (Image: Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu Agency)

An advert for a room in a shared flat in London has gone viral on social media for it's somewhat unusual style. Posted on a Facebook group for short-term sublets in London, the advert has been written from the perspective of two cats who live in the ground floor North West flat.

The advert begins: "We are a couple of cats that live in a large 1 bedroom ground floor flat with a private garden on a quiet street in a great location with great access. We live with a couple of lovely humans that take care of us, they think the place is theirs but it's ours."

However, while the style is strange, it's nothing compared to what the advert is offering. For £1,000 a month, you can sleep in the living room of this flat in Kensal Rise. Yep, the living room.

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The advert says that two people already live in the one bedroom ground floor flat, but that the "female" isn't around much and the "male" doesn't use the living room at all. The advert says: "Aside from watering the plants he never goes into the living room, so we thought we'd rent it out on a room-only basis."

The room comes with a single bed or a couch which turns into a double if you need the extra room. There's also a desk in the corner for working from home.

The kitchen, bathroom, dining room and garden will be communal, the advert promises. But it will cost £1,000 a month for the privilege of staying in this front room - and you'll have to move out in September anyway.

A screenshot of the advert has been posted on X, and people in the comments are outraged. One person said: "Unbelievable", and another replied: "It starts with "we are two cats" and somehow only gets worse from there??"

But a couple of others have responded positively to the advert. One said: "It’s a large room and he would have exclusive use of it (apart from the cats). Room in a shared house would cost the same in Zurich or San Francisco etc. No doubt other cities too."

While another said: "I live in London. I used to rent in central London. Ok, things have got worse since the 1990s - but I don’t find this advert so shocking tbh. If my cat-loving son was looking to move out of his loft room in my house, this could be an option."

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