Wheely impressive! Stuntman leaps on top of car riding UNICYCLE

Chris Parsons

A high-jumping stuntman has broken a world record after leaping on top of a car - while riding a unicycle.

Martin Sjonneby beat his own world record for unicycle jumping when he leapt to an impressive 132cm at a recent competition.

But not content with being a record breaker, Martin, 20, took his talents to new heights by leaping on to the roof of a Ford Fiesta on his unicycle.

The stuntman, who has been unicycling since he was 13, completed the amazing leap on May 11, in Switzerland.

An online video of the stunt shows Martin clearing 132cm on his unicycle in the style of a high jumper.

He then vaults on to the dark Ford Fiesta in front of a stunned crowd.

Martin, from Stockholm, told Yahoo!: 'The bar hop was hard since you only have three tries at each height in competition.


'The car hop took me about 10 tries. I have for a while thought about jumping up a car since I discovered I have the height I need, and when the had a car for the purpose of jumping on in the competition it was a great opportunity to try it.

'It was wet during the time I did it which made it a bit more complicated, I had to land on the very edge for the try not to slip on the roof.'