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Try a unique advent calendar: Top handmade picks from Etsy for the 2023 holidays

Expand your holiday horizons with something different this year.

a movie advent calendar box of cards and a liquor advent calendar filled with bottles
Shop for unique handmade advent calendars on Etsy. (Photos via Etsy shops: TwistStationery & KnottedSage)

If you can't imagine December without an advent calendar, well, you're in for a treat. While the classic chocolate ones are still awesome, why not shake things up a bit this holiday season?

Etsy, the go-to place for handmade novelties, has some pretty cool options (including a dog advent calendar!) that'll make your Christmas countdown extra special this year.

We've done some browsing and created a list of our favourite picks for you to explore. The only downside is that you'll have a hard time deciding which one to choose.

Keep scrolling for some fun advent calendars you won't find anywhere else.

Family Movie Advent Calendar

a deck of cards opened displaying different movies
Family Movie Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: TwistStationery)

This box contains 24 Christmas movies to watch leading up to the 25th. Each card features interesting trivia based on each film for a little fun fact.

$23 at Etsy

Coffee Advent Calendar

a Coffee Advent Calendar in a tree
Coffee Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: YawnBrew)

This one's for the coffee lovers. It's filled with 24 coffees, meaning you can try a new flavour every day of December — it'll feel like Christmas every morning!

$67+ $74+ at Etsy

Personalized Wooden House Advent Calendar

a Personalized Wooden House Advent Calendar on a table
Personalized Wooden House Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: letteroom)

Not only is this an advent calendar, but also a cute piece of holiday decor. You can personalize it and fill it with whatever you want — making it a great reusable piece.

$67 at Etsy

Liquor Advent Calendar

the liquor advent calendar on a bar stool
Liquor Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: KnottedSage)

You can personalize this little liquor tree or leave it plain. It's made of natural birch wood and is designed to fit 24 mini liquor bottles. Keep in mind that it doesn't come with alcohol!

$79 $88 at Etsy

Advent Tokens

Advent Tokens (Photo via Etsy shop: BlueAngelCraftShop)
Advent Tokens (Photo via Etsy shop: BlueAngelCraftShop)

You'll receive 25 tokens inscribed with holiday-related treats, rewards and activities. For example: no chores, PJ day and more. There will also be five blank tokens for you to customize.

$9+ $14+ at Etsy

Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

the hot cocoa advent calendar on a counter beside marshmallows
Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: YawnBrew)

Add some warmth to each day with 24 specially crafted hot cocoa blends. Enjoy flavours like candy cane, cinnamon roll and more.

$60+ $67+ at Etsy

Handcrafted Wooden Advent Calendar

the Handcrafted Wooden Advent Calendar on a surface beside a vase with dried plants
Handcrafted Wooden Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: givingsundays)

This luxurious wooden advent calendar is the perfect heirloom piece to keep in your family for years to come. It features little white trees for added detail and removable drawers to fit your trinkets, treats and toys.

$325 at Etsy

Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendar

a Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendar hanging with candy canes in some pockets
Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: PartyDropShop)

You can hang this advent calendar; the festive design will go perfectly with the rest of your holiday decor. It's another DIY option, meaning you can fill it with anything you'd like, year after year.

$30 at Etsy

Tea Advent Calendar

the Tea Advent Calendar
Tea Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: YawnBrew)

You'll get not one but two tea bags every day leading up to Christmas! Now, you can enjoy delicious brewed real tea with a loved one. There are two options: loose-leaf or tea bags.

$51+ $57+ at Etsy

Activity Advent Calendar

the Activity Advent Calendar in a box on a surface
Activity Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: MysteryInteractive)

With this advent-urous calendar, you'll receive a progressive 24-day adventure where you'll have to solve a daily puzzle to advance to the next step.

$72 at Etsy

Stationery Advent Calendar

a box of wrapped stationary items
Stationery Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: JuneMoonCrafts)

If you're stationery-obsessed, you'll love this calendar filled with crafting and journaling material. You can purchase either the 12-day calendar or the full 24-day one.

$61+ at Etsy

Puppy Treat Tree Advent Calendar

the Puppy Treat Tree Advent Calendar filled with dog treats
Puppy Treat Tree Advent Calendar (Photo via Etsy shop: HandMadeInMadison)

Dogs deserve an advent calendar, too — and you can fill this one with 25 of your pup's favourite little treats. You can purchase it empty or pre-filled with biscuits!

$32+ at Etsy

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