Unique vending machine opens at farm near Swindon

A new milk vending machine station near Swindon <i>(Image: Jenny Freeth)</i>
A new milk vending machine station near Swindon (Image: Jenny Freeth)

Vending machines are usually the home of packets of crisps, sandwiches, chocolate and soft drinks, but one couple has chosen a more unusual product to sell from theirs.

Chris and Jenny Freeth live at Manor Farm between Cricklade and Ashton Keynes, which has been in their family for hundreds of years.

This year they opened the Moos on Thames Organic Milk Vending Machine, something that Jenny said had been a dream of hers for many years.

"But it was never the right time," she said. "However, since having kids and moving back to the farm we decided we should finally do it and here we are."

You can buy 500ml or 1 litre of milk from the vending machine and there's also a coffee machine. The machines are all contactless.

On top of that, there's a chilled bottle dispenser where you can buy a 1-litre glass bottle, beef, cakes, eggs, honey and cheese and a milkshake vending machine.

"We wanted to sell our milk which is pasteurised and non homogenised to the public so they can enjoy farm fresh milk. We love having milk that has the cream rising to the top," Jenny added.