Universal Credit claimants must verify identity: DWP updates face-to-face interview requirements

The DWP has issued new guidance for claimants going to a Jobcentre Plus
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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has clarified that there are not 6.7 million people in Britain currently claiming Universal Credit. This benefit, which is means-tested, provides support to claimants who are either unemployed or on a low income.

In recent guidance from the DWP, it was stated that those applying for Universal Credit must verify their identity. A new update has been issued, detailing a comprehensive list of ID documents that new claimants may be required to bring to the Jobcentre if they are asked to attend an in-person interview.

The DWP emphasises that verifying a claimant's identity 'helps to link the right person to the right claim and reduce identity fraud'. It should be noted that Universal Credit no longer utilises Government Gateway or GOV.UK Verify for online verification, reports Birmingham Live.

According to the DWP, as reported by the Daily Record, there are several ways to verify your identity for Universal Credit claims. These include:.

Verifying your identity online is straightforward - you can provide certain information that only you would know, such as details from your passport or payslips. The DWP's guidance suggests that you can use any two of the following items to verify your identity online:.

If you successfully verify your identity online, you may not need to attend the full 'initial evidence interview'. The DWP uses a combination of documentary evidence, interviewing and information from its own records to verify your identity.

You may be required to attend in-person meetings or participate in telephone biographical interviews. For in-person appointments at a Jobcentre Plus, you will need to bring ID and proof of address.

The DWP stated: "Depending on your circumstances, details of what evidence you need to provide will be discussed with you when you apply for Universal Credit. "Full details can be found on GOV. UK here.".