University experts awarded £50,000 to research driver training for autonomous cars

By Ryan Hirons
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University experts awarded £50,000 to research driver training for autonomous cars

Road safety charity funding comes as industry focuses more on driverless cars

The University of Southampton has been given £50,000 to research driver training for autonomous cars.

It was awarded the gran after submitting a successful pitch for the IAM Roadsmart Human Factors Research award with a report entitled “Training Implications for Drivers of Automated Vehicles”.

The award from the road safety charity was presented to the students at IAM Roadsmart’s Driver Ahead conference in London — which was attended by 140 members of the motoring industry.

The goal of the award is to establish driver training programmes for users of autonomous vehicles. IAM Roadsmart argues that as operators of autonomous aircraft have to have further training after being licensed for non-automated aircraft, so too should drivers of manually operated vehicles.

The research by the University of Southampton will be conducted over four years, with the programme developing a new system of car control designed to help drivers manage an autonomous vehicles.

Results from the research are also set to be published in future academic journals.

Professor Angus Wallace, chairman of the IAM Roadsmart research awards panel, said: “All the applications were of a very high standard and could equally have won.

“The submission by the University of Southampton was very carefully thought through, presented very clearly and looked at improving training of drivers of intelligent vehicles.

“As such, we are delighted to announce the University of Southampton as our first winner.”

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