University student braves snow to find signal to access online lessons during COVID-19 outbreak

A university student walked up a snow-covered mountain to find the signal for her online lessons during the COVID-19 outbreak in China. The video, shot in the city of Chamdo in Tibet Autonomous Region on February 21, shows the university fresher named Si Lang Ba Zhen holding a smartphone and a notebook while walking half an hour up a snow-covered mountain. According to reports, the signal around Si Lang Ba Zhen's home is not very good, so she walked around half an hour up a mountain to gain access to the online lessons and stayed there for four hours to study. After the local Communications Administration was informed of her condition, they sent engineers to her village to check and repair the internet on February 25. Now she can access the online lessons at home. The video was recorded by the fresher's brother and shared by local media with permission.