Unlucky driver has brand new car stolen with just 39 miles on the clock

A car
-Credit: (Image: WMP)

An unlucky motorist had their brand new car stolen with just 39 miles on the clock. The sparkling new Seat Arona was taken just 'a few hours' after being bought before eventually being recovered by police following a chase.

West Midlands Police's traffic unit took to X to tweet about the unlucky motorist. The account said that the car was stolen before being chased by police around Chelmsley Wood, just outside Birmingham.

Officers managed to 'sting' its tyres - where spikes are used to puncture and deflate them, making the car harder to drive - before the car was abandoned. However, its occupants were soon caught.

"This brand new Seat Arona had only 39 miles on the clock when it was taken without the owners consent, pursued around Chelmsley Wood, stung and then eventually dumped. Driver and occupants swiftly arrested," the tweet said. "What a way to treat car only few hours old."

While overall vehicle crime has fallen significantly in recent years, car thefts are at their highest for a decade, up more than 50 per cent from 85,803 vehicles in the year to March 2012 to 130,270 in the year to March 2023.

The high theft rate is also helping to fuel the skyrocketing car insurance premiums.