Unmasked UPS workers confronted amid COVID-19 cases increasing in Florida

Three UPS staff members were confronted for not wearing any masks in an open to the public, store in Kissimmee, Florida, on February 3. A customer, who chooses to remain anonymous, was returning packages from Amazon (Amazon has a relationship where it steers customers to do their returns in UPS stores) when he noticed that no one in that store had any masks on, so he confronted the workers. The filmer told Newsflare: "I went in to return some Amazon packages. When I saw that the staff was unmasked, I asked why don't you have a mask on? Can you put one on? He responded, "well I didn't ask you why you do have a mask on." "I had brought in two big heavy packages. I took one out of the store and put it in my trunk, and I returned for the other. After both packages were back in my car I went back in with my phone and recorded the video. After the video, I walked out and drove away." In the video, the workers seem unenthused about the confrontation as they try to hide their faces and say, "get him out of here, call the cops!" According to the New York Times, 'Coronavirus Map, and Case count,' there is an average of 7,586 new cases in the last seven days in Florida.