Unsafe Behavior 'Diminished the Celebration' of Mexico's Independence Day in Chicago, Mayor Says

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot condemned what she called “unsafe” behavior during celebrations of Mexico’s Independence Day in her city on Friday, September 16.

In a press conference on Saturday, Lightfoot said “cultural pride was certainly on display” in the previous night’s celebrations and that many people celebrated safely across the city. However, she said the behavior of some revellers “diminished the celebration of this important anniversary of Mexican independence.”

“Blocking major roadways of transportation to do donuts is not safe. Lighting fireworks in the middle of the street is not safe. Honking horns and loud music to all hours of the night is not being respectful to neighbors in the downtown and other neighborhoods. Causing traffic gridlock is simply unacceptable,” Lightfoot said.

Footage by Hugo Balta shows smoke wafting across an intersection blocked by vehicles and people in downtown Chicago. An engine can be heard revving loudly amid rapid bangs.

Citing police, local media reported at least seven people had been arrested and 16 vehicles impounded after celebrations caused gridlock in the downtown area. Credit: Hugo Balta via Storyful

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