Unsolved Mysteries fans in awe of 'spooky' Robert Stack homage in Netflix reboot


After years of development, the reboot of beloved US series Unsolved Mysteries has arrived on Netflix.

While fans of the original, which seeks to find the meaning behind creepy goings-on around the world, are celebrating its return (fit with the original theme music), they’re mourning the absence of one key component.

The six new episodes come without Robert Stack as narrator. Stack’s commanding voice was a huge factor into the success of the show, which ran from 1987 to 2002. He died in 2003.

The series doesn’t forget Stack entirely – at the end of the opening credits, a silhouette of the actor can be seen in the background, a decision which has received praise from viewers.

“Appreciate the shout-out to Robert Stack through a silhouette of him in the opening credits,” one fan wrote, adding: ”Bravo, Netflix.”

Another added: “Ghostly silhouette of Robert Stack in credits? Creepy, and OH HELL YES.”

One person wrote: “I’m legit crying here. So so happy to see this!!!!” while another said: “Nice tribute but also a little spooky.”

Instead of trying to find another person to fill his shoes, though, Unsolved Mysteries now has no narrator at all – and some people are finding it hard to get on board with this new iteration.

“I’m sorry, but if it doesn’t have Robert Stack in a trench coat, it’s not Unsolved Mysteries,” one person tweeted.

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