‘Untouchable’ drug baron brothers jailed for combined 50 years

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Jamie Hanna (L) and Cavan Hanna (R)  (Handout)
Jamie Hanna (L) and Cavan Hanna (R) (Handout)

Two of the UK’s most notorious criminals have been jailed for a total of 50 years for running a multi-million-pound drugs empire.

Cavan Hanna, 52, and his brother Jamie, 50, who were on licence, believed they were “untouchable”.

They used encrypted mobiles and couriers to transport 89 kilos of cocaine worth £3.5 million across England.

The Hannas also helped launder more than £1 million in cash between March and June 2020, Woolwich crown court heard.

The pair, from Dartford, Kent, were named on a law enforcement list of Britain’s worst criminal Mr Bigs.

In 2009, a judge jailed them for 14 years over a £1 billion drug smuggling network.

Both had since been released from prison and were being supervised on licence.

In June 2020 Cavan was detained at his home in Dartford where officers found several high-end watches and cocaine.

When detectives arrested Jamie nearby, they discovered encrypted device chargers and incriminating notes.

They received 25 years each after a jury convicted them of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to transfer criminal property this month.

Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Masterson, of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “The Hanna brothers believed their use of encrypted devices made them untouchable, but with significant resources and a brilliant team, we were able to bring them to justice.

“We will stop at nothing to dismantle organised crime groups such as the one run by the Hanna brothers.

“The direct link between drug dealing and violence is clear and the consequences bring absolute devastation to communities across London.

“The Met is totally committed to tackling violence and taking controlled substances off the streets of our city.”

For their part in the conspiracy, Anthony Dominy, 64, of Bexleyheath, and Daniel Dalligan, from Crayford, received 11-and-a-half years and 10 years respectively.

The group’s banker Thomas Mercer, 54, of Welling, laundered cash through his business to legitimise wages to the two couriers. He was sentenced to four-and-a-half years.

Police will now pursue the syndicate for their millions under the proceeds of crime act and seek a serious crime prevention order at a later date.”

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