'Unusual' Manta Ray Undulates in Green Waters Off Florida Coast

A striking black-and-gray manta ray was spotted swimming off the coast of St Petersburg, Florida, along with a large group of migrating cownose rays on April 13.

Michael Mccarthy of See Through Canoe recorded this drone footage while canoeing and posted it to YouTube.

“The manta ray was swimming along the beach very close to shore,” Mccarthy said. “Although manta rays are found in the ocean here, it is extremely unusual to see one close to shore.”

Mccarthy told Storyful this was the first time he’d seen a manta ray in the area.

A manta ray recently photobombed a surfer off Florida’s Satellite Beach, and scientists for the Marine Megafauna Foundation have found data that suggests the Florida coastline may be a nursery habitat for manta rays. Credit: See Through Canoe via Storyful