Upgrade S'mores By Stuffing Rolos Into Your Marshmallows

Stacked s'mores
Stacked s'mores - Marielen Cestari Baldino/Shutterstock

S'mores may be most often enjoyed at summer bonfires, but they can easily be created inside your kitchen any time of the year. The stovetop, oven, or even the toaster can assist with warming up the marshmallows inside. While a simple chocolate bar is the most common addition when assembling the sweet sandwich, swapping in some other candy could improve the dessert even more.

If you often find yourself craving some sticky, sweet caramel alongside the chocolate, try stuffing your marshmallows with a Rolo before toasting them. You'll first want to grab a knife and slice into the marshmallow, making a slit large enough for the Rolo to fit. Place the chocolate caramel candy inside, and smush the marshmallow back together. Then, slide your skewer through the marshmallow, and roast it to your desired color.

Once your stuffed marshmallow is ready, simply place it between two graham crackers. The chocolate and caramel interior will have heated up along with the marshmallow, making for a gooey, sweet bite.

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Candy Could Add Some Extra Flavor To The Treats

Rolo candy wrapped
Rolo candy wrapped - skyfish/Shutterstock

While you can, of course, assemble each aspect of s'mores individually after toasting the marshmallow, stuffing the candy inside could speed up the process a little. Since Rolos are cylindrical, stuffing them inside marshmallows may keep them extra secure on the graham crackers. The sticky interior will hold the candy in place while the treat is roasted and assembled.

Other candies can improve the flavor of the s'mores, too, so long as you're able to find sweets small enough to stuff inside the marshmallow. If you're a fan of the sweet-and-salty combination, try swapping in a miniature peanut butter cup. The added peanut butter will make for a little bit of a savory addition.

If you want a little extra crunch in your dessert, that sweet-and-salty flavor can also be found in a bite-sized Snickers or Almond Joy. A Snickers bar will add chocolate, caramel, and crunchy peanuts to the s'more. An Almond Joy will include a tropical coconutty taste, which could be amped up with the addition of some fresh fruit or jam.

This Trick Can Benefit S'mores-Flavored Treats, Too

S'mores pie
S'mores pie - Alphonse Leong/Shutterstock

Candy can pair well with other s'mores-flavored treats even if you're changing things up a little. You could make a s'mores-flavored pie or dip starting with a graham cracker pie crust base. Then, the pie pan can be filled with marshmallows and candy. If you pre-stuff the candy inside the marshmallows before baking, everything will melt together, spreading all the flavors evenly in every bite.

While stuffing candy inside may be a quick and easy way to achieve that classic s'mores taste, you can also add other fillings to the marshmallows. Slice open the marshmallow the same way you would with the candy, and scoop in a little bit of peanut butter, Nutella, or your desired spread.

So, the next time you're roasting a marshmallow to make some s'mores, try stuffing a sweet treat inside the marshmallow. The placement will make s'more assembly even easier, and allow multiple ingredients to melt a little over the campfire.

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