This is the uplifting story of a young Youtuber who bought a “lifetimes supply” of Halloween treats for his 12-year-old sister (RAW)

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This is the uplifting story of a young Youtuber who brought a "lifetimes supply" of Halloween treats for his 12-year-old sisteWith Halloween's trick or treating festivities effectively cancelled due to COVID-19 Jamie Kamaz, 23 from Hitchin, London decided to take matters into his own hands to cheer up his 12-year-old sister Allie Layburn.

Enlisting the help of his friend Rhys Simmons the pair brainstormed ideas of a Halloween surprise his  sister would love before deciding to treat her to a "lifetimes supply" of trick or treat goodies.

After filling a shopping trolley full at their local supermarket the pair surprised Allie with the bounty at their family home in Hitchin leading to a heart warming wholesome piece of footage which the pair posted on their YouTube channel 'Passion Squad'

Jamie said: "Felt wholesome to see the surprise and enjoy we were able to give my sister as she was feeling down about having to spend it indoors this year"

"In retrospect I think it was a successful surprise, and we would love to do this on a bigger scale again next year after seeing the pure joy and happiness in her face. Although saying this we will probably have to book her in for a weekly dentist check up with the amount of sweets we gave her."