UPS Driver Uses Ring Camera to Ask For Help as Dog Hassles Him

A UPS driver asked a Florida resident for help as he was being pestered by a dog while trying to deliver a package on November 26, Ring camera footage shows.

Brandon Brooks, who was not at home at the time of the encounter, owns the camera that captured this footage in Lehigh Acres and was talking with the UPS driver through the doorbell speaker. The footage shows the driver using a package to shield himself from the dog as he frantically rings the doorbell and asks Brooks for help, explaining that he’s been bit before.

Brooks can be heard asking, “What dog?” and tells the delivery driver the canine is not his dog, but rather, the neighbor’s. He says the dog doesn’t bite, and that he’s a “little [expletive] baby.” He encourages the driver to tell the neighbors to come get their dog just as the animal comes back again, scaring the driver.

Brooks directs the driver, who says he’s shaking, to stomp his feet at the dog to scare it off. Brooks then tells him to throw something at the dog, pointing out several items he can grab from the entrance area. The driver can then be seen picking up a flower pot, scanning around for the dog, and walking away from the house.

Brooks posted a follow-up video showing the moment he confronted his neighbors. He can be heard telling them, “I’ve been telling y’all for a year, keep your dog out of my yard,” warning them next time their dog is in his yard, his dog will mess him up. Credit: Brandon Brooks via Storyful

Video transcript

- Help me! I need help! I'll run back there, watch out, here he comes. He's right here, man! He's trying to bite me!



- Back off, please! He's trying to get me, ma'am.

BRANDON BROOKS: You can just leave it right there.

- Come get your dog! There's a dog chasing me. I need help!

BRANDON BROOKS: That's not my dog! Wait, what dog is that?

- I'm a-- I'm a UPS worker, man. I'm just trying to deliver the package. Some dog was trying to bite me.

BRANDON BROOKS: Is that the neighbor's dog? Cause that's not my dog, I would [MUTED].

- Yeah, and she's not controlling him and he's scaring me. I've been bit before.

BRANDON BROOKS: No, he don't bite. He's just going to act a fool. He doesn't bite. He's a little [MUTED] baby, but I hate this is going on.

- Man, I got bit before and somebody told me that.

BRANDON BROOKS: You're not going to get bit. Just-- you'll be fine. Hold on. Tell them to go get that [MUTED] dog. Tell them. Like, that should be out there. Tell 'em get that [MUTED] dog now. The dog shouldn't be on my property anyway.

- Yeah, she's not listening. Sir, I told her to get her dog in the house and I don't even know where-- the dog's coming right back at me now, man!


BRANDON BROOKS: He's not going to come.

- What? Hold back.

BRANDON BROOKS: I'ma beat [MUTED]. Like what? He doesn't bite. He just wants to smell. Stomp your feet. He won't bite you.

- Man, look. I got right here-- I got bit by a dog the same way, man.

BRANDON BROOKS: I promise you he will not bite you. He's a [MUTED] baby.

- I'm scared now.

BRANDON BROOKS: The dog is-- Listen when I'm not home I'm in the ball, but when I [MUTED] get home-- that dog will not bite you, I promise you.

- Please, man.

BRANDON BROOKS: He's not going to bite you.

- I'm scared right now. I'm shaking, man.

BRANDON BROOKS: No, listen. Find something over there in my thing. There's a brick behind you. Grab one of them bricks, grab that coffee plant, little flower plant right there in front of you and throw that. Look, look over there. Right, there you see that little orange one. That's a weed. Grab that and throw that at him, the little orange one. And I'm gonna-- straight ahead, like walk straight ahead. You see it right there on the floor? To the left. On the ground.

- Oh, it's right there.

BRANDON BROOKS: No, the other one, the other one! Look, look, right here, this one.


BRANDON BROOKS: All right. Throw that one! Throw that [MUTED], too! Because that's [MUTED] and I'm going to cuss this [MUTED] out when I get home.



BRANDON BROOKS: No, this is [MUTED] Amazon trying to deliver the package and the [MUTED] dog next door is over there trying to [MUTED] bite him!

- Where'd you come from?

BRANDON BROOKS: He's over here stripping me and showing me where he got bit.

- Man, as long as it ain't your dog, [INAUDIBLE].

BRANDON BROOKS: I was like, take my plant and [MUTED] throw it at him. No, that's not my dog. Wait, because I knew I left [INAUDIBLE] in there. I'm like, it's a baby [MUTED] dog. That dog don't even [MUTED] bite. I'm telling you, bro, he don't [MUTED] bite. He's like, no, I'm scared. This is [MUTED] crazy. And she's over there looking at him like what the [MUTED] and not even getting her [MUTED]. You wait till I get home. You wait till I get home.