US 18-year-old had life-changing breast reduction that removed 15lbs of fat from her chest

A petite 18-year-old is pain free for the first time in years after chest reduction surgery on her 28EE breasts - to remove a staggering 15lb. At just 5ft, Lilli Maki said her boobs left her in constant agony, and made her the but t of jokes and unwanted sexual attention. The high school student had to wear TWO bras to just run or cheerlead, and said her underwear felt more like a straitjacket. The schoolgirl - who is a size XS on her bottom half - begged her parents for breast reduction surgery when she was just 16. The $10,000 op saw surgeons remove a whopping 15lb of flesh and fat, to reduce her chest by four cup sizes to a 28B. Lilli, from Seattle, Washington, USA, said her self esteem and confidence has rocketed since the major surgery. This video was filmed on the 31st July 2020.

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