US alleged criminal who ‘faked death’ faces extradition after arrest in Glasgow

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NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow where Mr Rossi is said to have been apprehended in December (Jane Barlow/PA) (PA Wire)
NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow where Mr Rossi is said to have been apprehended in December (Jane Barlow/PA) (PA Wire)

A man who is believed to have faked his own death and fled the US to evade prosecution faces extradition after being found at a hospital in Glasgow

Nicholas Rossi, who is known by various other names, was wanted in connection with an alleged sexual assault in Utah in 2008, the Utah County Attorney’s Office said.

The 34-year-old was arrested using another alias, Arthur Knight, at a hospital in Glasgow in December and has since been taken into custody.

It is understood he was being treated for Covid at the city’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Utah prosecutors said the alleged fugitive “fled the country to avoid prosecution” and “attempted to lead investigators and state legislators in other states to believe that he was deceased”.

They said they are working with federal and international agencies to extradite Mr Rossi back to Utah.

Several media outlets reported in 2020 that Nicholas Alahverdian, one of Mr Rossi’s many fake names, had died on February 29 2020 from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

They cited the website which said his body was cremated, and his ashes scattered at sea.

An online obituary dedicated to Nicholas Alahverdian read: “Nicholas Alahverdian’s battle for life ended on February 29 2020.

“The children and families in the care of the Rhode Island Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF) for whom he inspired and led through turbulent government transgressions have lost a warrior that fought on the front lines for two decades.”

Mr Rossi was arrested by Police Scotland on December 13 last year, Utah prosecutors confirmed.

His bail hearing was on December 23 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court which will determine his custody during the extradition process.

“We have full faith and support of Scotland police in this matter,” Utah County Attorney David Leavitt said.

“Ultimately, the decision regarding bail is left to the international courts until Mr Rossi is extradited to the United States.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Officers arrested a 34-year-old man in Glasgow on Monday December 13 in connection with an international arrest warrant.

“A report was submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

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