US-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Enter IS-Held Al-Tabqa

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces entered the Islamic State-held town of al-Tabqa on Monday, April 24, reportedly capturing several areas in the southern and western outskirts of the Raqqa provincial town.

The SDF has laid siege to the IS-held town on all four axes in recent weeks as part of the third phase of the Kurdish Raqqa Offensive.

After entering the city on April 24, SDF fighters captured the southern Wahab and Alexandria Districts, as well as the western entrance to the city near the al-Tabqa Church.

Media activists inside the town warned that they have been virtually cutoff from the outside world due to the ongoing siege and ensuing clashes around the city. In recent days, US-led coalition airstrikes purportedly knocked out communications infrastructure sites in the city.

The approximately 30,000 civilians residing inside al-Tabqa are facing grave humanitarian conditions. Resident Muhab Nasser said the town has been without clean water and power for over a month and that access to food and critical medical supplies such as baby formula has remained limited. Credit: SDF Press via Storyful