US driver removes elk calf 'playing dead' from middle of road

This dash-cam footage shows an elk calf collapsing to the ground and 'playing dead' as a result of being startled by a passing car. Timothy, who captured this video on June 2 in Boise County, Idaho, can be heard repeatedly beeping his car's horn to scare the baby elk off the road and back towards its mother. The driver told Newsflare: "When I first saw the elk calf it caught me off guard because it blends into the background. My first reaction was to back up and see what it was. "I figured that I had spooked it into playing dead. Having seen this happen hundreds of times, I knew it wasn't going to get back up until its mom came back." Attempting to prompt the calf off the road, Timothy got out of his car and approached it. "My goal wasn't to pick it up it was simply to scare it enough that it overcame its playing dead instincts. Once I got my hands under it and gently lifted, I spooked her into getting up," said Timothy.