US Election live: Biden takes lead in another key state to stand on brink of victory

Will Taylor and Yahoo Staff Writer
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Here are the latest updates as the US election heads towards a decisive conclusion.

  • Biden overhauls Trump to lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia - putting him on course to become the next president if it stays that way

  • Georgia is set to head for a recount, according to its secretary of state

  • Results come after an extraordinary speech by Trump in which he railed against what he described as illegal votes

  • Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina are also still counting and look close. Alaska is all yet to be finalised but is expected to remain Republican

  • Associated Press had called Arizona for Biden but not every news organisation has projected that state for him

  • Protests continue with arrests made in cities across the country

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After months of campaigning, tens of millions of voters went to the polls on 3 November to back either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to be their next president in the US Election.

It has been a campaign like no other with coronavirus casting a shadow over the election that has meant many campaign events have been scaled down, made virtual or scrapped altogether.

Trump himself contracted COVID in early October, and was briefly hospitalised before returning to the campaign trail a week later.

Pictures of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who will face off on November 3. (Getty)
Pictures of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who will face off on November 3. (Getty)

Significantly, the virus has also meant tens of millions more voters are likely to cast their ballots by mail, meaning any official result could be delayed by days, perhaps longer.

Trump has even suggested he won’t accept a defeat and would be prepared to launch a legal challenge.

Yahoo News UK will be working with our colleagues in Singapore and Australia to bring you round the clock coverage of what is set to be a remarkable election. So bookmark this page and we’ll keep you abreast of all the twists, turns and viral moments as they happen on November 3.

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