US family spark panic at Israeli airport trying to bring back unexploded bomb as souvenir

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File picture of Ben Guiron airport  (AFP via Getty Images)
File picture of Ben Guiron airport (AFP via Getty Images)

Air passengers fled in terror after an American family presented an unexploded shell through security at Israel’s main airport.

The unnamed family sparked a bomb scare when they presented security guards with the artillery round in a plastic bag they were hoping to bring back as a souvenir from their visit to Golan Heights, authorities said.

A 32-year-old man was hospitalised with injuries sustained as he tried to flee over a baggage carousel to get away from the unexploded round, authorities said.

Video circulated on social media showed panicked passengers scattering at Ben Gurion Airport’s departure hall.

The Israel Airports Authority said the family were allowed to board their flight after an interrogation by security staff who declared an all-clear.

The Jewish Press reported a child in the family had initially found the munition and packed it as a “souvenir”.

Remnants of the Six-Day war with Syria, such as munitions, can still be found in Golan Heights.

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