This is Us' final season is coming to Disney+ in the UK

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Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

Disney+ subscribers will be able to enjoy hit family drama This is Us for the first time next week.

Its sixth and final season premieres on Thursday, January 6 in the UK and Ireland, with original streamer Amazon Prime Video simultaneously hanging onto it too.

To make matters easier, seasons 1-5 will also launch on Disney+ that same day, so there will be plenty to binge when it comes to the Big Three!

In more This is Us news, Kate Pearson actress Chrissy Metz recently teased imminent farewells to two "very important characters" in the new season.

Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

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"People are going to be on the edge of their seats with characters' health issues. Also, what it means for the family and decisions that have to be made – the dynamic of children in the family. Two very important characters, we will see the end of their journey and that's always just so difficult, she told Entertainment Weekly.

"It's going to be a lot," she added, before confirming that fans will "see a lot of closure, which is interesting, because when one door closes, another one opens.

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

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"So there's a lot of closure, but there's also new beginnings. There will be a lot of things tied up – beginnings and endings, maybe of people's lives and relationships. And ego and pride."

Make sure you have a tissue handy when the final season airs too, because apparently this'll be the "most emotional" of them all, as the star teased plenty of "heightened emotion" as we say goodbye to the Pearson family.

This is Us airs on NBC in the US, while Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video will carry the show in the UK from January 6.

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