US Flag Lowered to Half-Staff at Kabul Airport Following Deadly Attack

A Marine Corporal lowered the US flag to half-staff at Kabul’s international airport on August 27, one day after a suicide attack killed at least 13 American service members and dozens of Afghans.

On Friday, Pentagon authorities said that a sole suicide bomber was responsible for attack, which took place in the vicinity of the airport’s Abbey Gate. Defense officials had previously believed a second blast took place near the Baron Hotel, but said reports of that incident were erroneous.

This video, recorded on Friday, shows a Marine Corporal lowering the US flag at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

At a Pentagon press conference on Friday morning, Maj Gen Hank Taylor said evacuations were continuing. Taylor said 89 US and partner flights left on Thursday from the airport, carrying roughly 12,500 people. Credit: Sgt Jillian Hix via Storyful

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