US lawyer quits job to speak to animals - and is now a PET psychic

A top lawyer who quit her $75,000-a-year job and taught herself to speak to animals is now earning more doing her dream job - as a PET psychic.

Nikki Vasconez, 33, started researching how to speak to animals in September 2020 while working as a full-time property lawyer, but after discovering her passion, she quit her job to become a full-time animal communicator a year later.

In September 2021, Nikki from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA launched her pet psychic business on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok - and became booked out for the next four months.

Nikki, who runs, Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication, said: “I was so miserable in my previous job, I was working huge hours and was just unhappy but was too scared to change.

''Until this came along.

“When I set up my TikTok account, I gained 175,000 followers within months and by January 2022, I had to stop taking bookings because I was so inundated!

“The business just took off.

During a typical reading, Nikki will sit in a quiet room at her home where she studies a photo of the animal and telepathically asks them a series of questions.

The psychic records her questions and the animal's 'responses' on her phone so that owners can listen back to the full exchange.

Nikki insists on seeing the animal's eyes in the photo, and she is informed of the pet’s name, gender and the name of the people in the home.

The majority of the animals Nikki works with are household pets such as dogs and cats, but she has also worked with geckos, bearded dragons, horses, cows, pigs, several different birds and donkeys.

Her clients include pet owners wanting to communicate with their pets, as well as barn owners and rescue owners who want to understand what is causing their animals pain or suffering.

Around 98% of the pet owners who Nikki has been approached are women.

While many have taken interest in her services and learned the skill for themselves, Nikki also receives criticism online from TikTok users who are suspicious about her claims.

“The criticism initially bothered me but I no longer care.”

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