US man has the largest collection of Spice Girls dolls in the world - more than 300 mini versions of the bandmates worth nearly £20,000!

Meet the man who has the largest collection of Spice Girls dolls in the world - more than 300 mini versions of the bandmates worth nearly £20,000. Adam Weatherly, 36, got his hands on a his first doll - an 'On Tour Posh Doll' - as a kid in the late 1990s and has spent the past two decades adding to his impressive collection. He has every single type of doll on the market but is still on the hunt for prototypes of Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Baby and Posh Spice. Adam has a dedicated 'Spice Room' in his home in Virginia, USA, to display the miniature versions of the iconic group. Despite never having met any of his idols, Adam hopes the 25th anniversary of Wannabe this week will spark a reunion. The first dolls received widespread media attention when they were launched in October 1997 and were famously sold out within minutes. He used to spend his pocket money on dolls from the supermarket but it was the invention of the internet and eBay that saw Adam's collection grow. His biggest bargain has been unofficial bootleg dolls of the five in Dollar Tree and he says his most expensive purchase has been a collection for $150 (£109) online. With half of his dolls in original packaging and out in display holders, Adam's collection is estimated at £18,000 ($24,850) -- with rare individual dolls worth up to £70 ($97) each. Adam's mammoth collection has garnered attention from Brit designer Kenny Ho, who designed the Spice Girls' World Tour outfits. Now as the Spice Girls' debut hit Wannabe turns a quarter of a century old this week, Adam has applied to get the dolls into the Toy Hall of Fame. Adam said: "As a kid my whole life changed when those five women appeared telling me they would be giving me everything, all that joy could bring. "I've always loved and supported them and I always will. "The moment I heard they were making dolls I promised myself no matter how many there were I was going to collect them all. "I'm still currently at it 20 years on. "I personally count bootlegs and variants so although technically I have them all, by my standards I still have more to collect! "They are the best-selling celebrity dolls of all time and I've been really happy over the years collecting them. "I collect all different types of dolls and have 1,000 altogether so it's difficult to put an exact number on the Spice Girls but I'd say it's over 300. "I've never paid insane prices for anything. The most I've spent is $150 on a set. "My favourite set is the Concert Collection dolls. They're just visually stunning. "The box insert shimmers and all their shoes have glitters. "They are wearing replicas of the Spice World tour fashions. "As for a favourite doll itself the On Tour Posh doll will always be the number one as it was the first one I ever bought. "They are iconic and are little replicas of the Spice Girls themselves. "They taught me as a kid you could do anything if you put your mind to it." This video was filmed on the 6th July 2021.

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