US man lets off a firework and it turns round towards him - and EXPLODES underneath his chair

This is the hilarious moment a man releases a firework that turns around and explodes underneath his chair. Isaac Fagan, 64, wanted to join in with his grandchildren who were playing with fireworks so was handed a lit one from his step daughter Victoria Brooks, 32. He was celebrating Independence Day with his wife, step-children and grandchildren in Slocomb, Alabama, USA at step-daughter Mary Johnson's, 38, home. The grandfather-of-twelve threw it out but the rocket unexpectedly hurtled back towards him and underneath his chair - where it exploded. The force of the blast hurled Isaac off his chair, and after checking he was okay, left the whole family in fits of laughter. Home Care Provider Victoria said: "I was in complete shock because I wasn't expecting that at all. "Everyone continued to laugh out laugh for a while, it was nonstop laughter." The video was taken on July 4 2021 at 9:24pm.

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